Type19 Garmin Cat Eye  Combo mount

2,000.00 ฿


Type19 Garmin Cat Eye  combo mount

(Double-sided narrow type, with lower adapter) [190-GM + GP] 

Cycle computer (Psycon) etc. that can be attached as an accessory

  • Garmin supports Edge25 / Edge520 / Edge520 PLUS /  Edge820  / Edge1030 etc.
  • Cateye
  • Padrone Smart Plus / Padrone Smart / Padrone Digital
  • Compatible with Padrone Plus / Strada Smart / V3n, etc.


  • Base mount material: AL 6061 
  • Weight undecided g
  • Lower adapter material: AL 6061 
  • Weight 12g
  • GM-CATCC Material: Resin
  • Weight 7g 
  • Corresponding clamp diameter: 31.8mm (standard)
  • Others For 35.0mm, 26.0mm, 25.4mm


  • 3 types of mounting methods (Low mode, High mode, Stem mode)

    Since the mount can be moved freely, it can be installed in an easy-to-see position regardless of the type of position or bike. 

  • It is sturdy because it is supported by two double-sided arms! !!

    Heavy devices are safe, and there is no glare even when shooting with a camera.

  • Compatible with Mochiron for carbon handles and wide stems. There are 4 types of clamp sizes

  • A new type of improved head enables charging connection while the listed model is running.