ATQ-X Eyeballs Cap Black

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ATQ-X 10yr Anniversary

Since 2012 Attaquer has been shaking up the world of cycling. We’ve spent the last ten years dreaming up some of the wildest ideas and bringing them to life with season after season of instantly recognisable kits, equally adored and abhorred, always unashamedly Attaquer. From colourful napkin sketches to national championships, we’ve come a long way but the attitude always remains the same. 

The ATQ-X collection celebrates this decade of doing things differently, paying tribute to where we’ve been, with a nod to where we’re going, across 10 kits which call on some of the greatest hits that made Attaquer what it is today. Ten years young and we’re only just getting started.

A classic, five-panel cap with a low profile fit and cotton construction. A perfect option to celebrate 10 years of Attaquer when you're off the bike.